One of the great stresses on a pregnant woman’s mind is how she will find the time and energy to be able to take care of her baby all the time. You will worry about the space in your home, how you will be able to find the crib and everything you need to have the baby well cared for all the time… And of course, it is also important to think about the bedroom and the painting of the room.

There are many mothers who leave their babies in kindergarten or nursery school because they have to start working, others because they think it is appropriate for their development … And well, there are many reasons why a mother can leave her baby in daycare every day. But also, there are many other mothers who prefer that their babies are not in the nursery to spend more time with them. These mothers have the facility of being able to have more time to make this decision or perhaps an economic comfort that allows it.

If your decision is not to leave your baby in the nursery, it is more than likely that you have heard opinions of all kinds, but you should also know that there are some benefits that you can consider to avoid feeling bad if you want your baby to stay at home with you. side and do without the nursery, at least for a while.

You will save money

When a baby is very young it does not matter much where he sleeps, we mean that just as he can sleep in the crib at home, he would also sleep in the crib at the nursery. Most babies sleep better in a familiar environment, and besides, your baby wouldn’t be touched by everyone as much. Although babies do not care about the color of the walls or the theme of the blankets … The reality is that a familiar place is more comfortable for them.

The nurseries are not free, so if you want to take your baby to the nursery you will have to pay a monthly fee. Depending on your income (in public or concerted nursery schools) it may be a higher or lower fee, but the most normal thing is that if you work and your partner also, the fee is quite high.

Your baby will be closer to you

When you have your baby at home he will be safer because he will be closer to you. We do not mean that in a nursery you are not safe, far from it. But a mother will always feel calmer when she feels that her baby is close to her and thus take care of him whenever necessary.

A mother can be aware of her baby all the time, she can have the intercom to watch him if he is in another room while the little one sleeps, but a mother can feel calmer if she has her baby near her.

You have everything ready for your baby

When you start to realize that your pregnancy is on the right track and your belly begins to grow, you will also realize all the work that lies ahead. You have to think about your baby’s bedroom, his crib, the stroller, the car seat… You need to have everything ready. You will need time to organize everything… There are many things that come along with your baby, and you will feel great enthusiasm to carry it out.

In a nursery they will also take care of your baby when you are not available, but at home you know that you will not lack anything to attend to him whenever he needs it and you will feel responsible to have everything you need.

Also … You won’t miss any of its growth.