5 Types of Skincare Tools
There are a variety of skincare tools on the market. Some of these tools are
massagers anti aging skin care products, while others are designed to push ingredients deeper into your skin.
These tools stimulate the flow of blood and lymph, and they can even help sculpt
facial muscles. A good tool will also work to release any trapped toxins in the skin.

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TCM healing tool
Using a TCM healing tool for skincare has many benefits. Whether you are looking to
get glowing skin or soothe facial tension, this ancient skincare technique can help
improve your skin’s health. This ancient healing system is based on the philosophy
that our outer beauty is connected to our inner health. It is a practice that has been
used for thousands of years.
The first step in using a TCM tool is to prepare your skin. Make sure that you cleanse
your skin and use facial oil or a natural moisturizer before applying the treatment.
This is important because the heat is toxic and may cause wrinkles.
The NuFACE skincare tools work by sending gentle waves of electricity through the
skin to target facial muscles. The currents simulate the body’s natural flow of ions,
lifting, toning, and contouring the face. The devices work best when you start with a
clean face and apply a gel primer. This primer is included with the devices, though
you may need to purchase more if you find that it is not doing the job.
There are two NuFACE skincare tools available: the NuFACE FIX. The first is small
enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to target delicate areas. The second
uses the same microcurrent technology found in the full-size NuFACE product. It’s
meant to be used at the end of a skincare routine and is designed to target sensitive
areas such as the lips and eyes. It claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles
and blur wrinkles.

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Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush
The Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush enhances the benefits of foaming cleansers
while also providing a gentle facial massage to your skin. It softens and exfoliates
your skin, and is suitable for women of all ages and ethnicities. It has two types of
bristles that allow for deep cleansing while leaving your complexion looking and
feeling refreshed.
Droplette is a handheld skincare device that dispenses skincare formulas in the form
of tiny, high-velocity droplets. Its proprietary capsule contains a high-performance
liquid that delivers active ingredients deep into the skin. This unique delivery system
eliminates needles, and the droplets are 1000 times smaller than those created by
traditional misters. The unique design enables these skincare products to penetrate
the skin barrier, and deliver key ingredients deep into the epidermis (20x deeper

than other methods).
Droplette was originally developed to combat Epidermolysis bullosa, a debilitating
pediatric skin disease. During research, scientists discovered a fluid physics
phenomenon that enhanced drug absorption. The Droplette has since received
funding and support from NASA, as well as the National Institutes of Health.
Currently, the company is collaborating with the Walter Reed Army Institute to bring
this groundbreaking product to the public.